Embracing any and all outreach, please connect with our research collective in whatever fashion is most convenient as we strive to share experiences and learn together. This includes any ideas for research inquiries, interviews, or future survey polling. We don’t have all the answers, but as our team engages some truly difficult issues we aim to unpack them together as best we can.

Additionally, our Voices team is looking to connect with students based in Colombia who are interested in internships.

John Myers (Bogota and Popayan, Colombia) john@voicesfromthevoid.org

Liceth Cardona (Buenaventura and Cali, Colombia) lis@voicesfromthevoid.org

Patrick McGrann (London, UK) patrick@voicesfromthevoid.org

WhatsApp: +57 313 455 2808

Telephone: +57 310 776 3269


Also, feel free to reach out via the contact form below:

Voices from the Void
1 Parque Caldas
Popayan, Cauca