About Voices

Building from the general absence of candid local engagement within conflict and post-conflict settings Voices from the Void is a research collective focused on the exploration and discussion of conflict whereby the perspectives of marginalized stakeholders are emphasized to better appreciate challenges faced and discuss better practices towards pursuing and promoting more sustainable peace.

To do this Voices from the Void is comprised by and engages with a wide cross section of academics, combatants, community leaders, and often just ordinary stakeholders to ensure the challenges facing local communities — and potential solutions — are fully appreciated. This includes pursuing conversations with elusive and often marginalized perspectives throughout conflicted contexts, which often brings us to very remote communities.

Public transportation between Guapi and Timbiqui highlighting challenges along the Pacific coast of Cauca.

Once in more marginalized communities our default approach is to listen to a wide cross section of local stakeholders, often through interviews, focus group discussions, and more informal conversations. At times more formalized and at times more friendly we are happy to meet local stakeholders on their preferred terms.

Listening to the first hand accounts of CECOESPE outside Popayan.

As such local perspectives are gradually appreciated they are then considered more thoughtfully by our growing team of advisors prior to wider dissemination with partnering stakeholders —where we strive to amplify the voices we’ve encountered and advocate for more inclusive approaches moving forward.

Voices from the Void, as highlighted below, aspires to comprise the same wide diversity of perspectives we seek out amidst conflict.  And while our team is knowledgeable, we appreciate that our experiences and perspectives are only part of more fully understanding the complexity of conflict — and we warmly welcome wider involvement.