Avitourism in the Serranía del Perijá, another face of the Peace Accords

Lina Alonso highlights the experiences of 150 former FARC combatants who, after signing on to the 2016 Colombian Peace Accords, are betting on the biodiversity of their land and community tourism to say “no more” to war in the former ETCR of Tierra Grata, in Cesar.

Article by Lina Alonso

The future of REDD+ projects in Colombia is promising but uncertain.

John Myers recounts a conversation with Colombian conservationist and Executive Director of Fondo Acción Natalia Arango and Charles Bedford, U.S. conservationist and chief strategy officer of the international firm Carbon Growth Partners, on the future of carbon sequestration projects in Colombia.

Article by John Myers

Colombian Peace Survey (Cauca)

To guide Voices’ community engagement and contextualize our qualitative research numerous surveys are being employed throughout marginalized communities in rural Colombia. This includes a survey in the Department of Cauca on the progress of the 2016 Colombian Peace Accords organized in May and June 2022 to coincide with national election.

Survey by Patrick McGrann y Lis Cardona

A Celebration of Cauca’s identity.

A Celebration of Hybrid Identity is a photographic chronicle by María Fernanda Berrío and Daniela Carolan Lombana featured in El Espectador that recounts the “Celebremos Cauca” project from the eyes of local participants. The article highlights not only the final product festooning the walls of Popayán with the diversity of faces living throughout the department, but importantly also focuses on the role of local artists and other young people taking ownership of the initiative.

Article by John Myers

Pilgrimage of Faces

Chronicling the final days of the “Celebremos Cauca” project, Lina’s account logs the at times messy and chaotic efforts to celebrate the diversity of the in many ways still conflicted capital of Cauca — as well as its unexpected results.

Article by Lina Alonso

Celebremos Cauca Portrait Gallery

Complementing the 200 large format posters covering the walls of Popayan earlier in the year under the banner of under “Celebremos Cauca,” this smaller online gallery of 50 portraits comprises an ongoing representation of the community art project and the wonderful diversity of people calling Cauca home it aims to honor.

Photos by Michael Ben and Leidy Chavez

Vandalism in Popayan

While Inside Out’s first project in southern Colombia was widely seen as successful, that is not to say it was not without challenges. This includes vandalism that primarily targeted the Afro and Indigenous portraits presented throughout Popayan, Colombia’s “White City.” This short video clip hints at the damage that followed.

Video by Fanny Aparicio

Unpaved Road to Peace

As teenagers, they decided to fight for the FARC. Now that a peace agreement has been signed in Colombia, the young people of Caldono return to their bombarded town. Community leader and coffee farmer Farid Julicué is dedicated to achieving reconciliation between villagers and former rebels.

Film by Jaap Van T Kruis