Our Projects

Our team is currently building upon our first series of projects in marginalized communities, focusing initial efforts around supporting the implementation of the Colombian Peace Accords (and beyond). This includes:

  • In person interviews and survey research to better understand the ongoing challenges facing communities throughout rural Colombia and listening for potential solutions to the wider ongoing conflict. This includes our Cauca Peace Survey and Cauca Education Survey.
  • Producing ‘white papers’ that document the reality of post-conflict Colombia from a policy perspective, as well as writing more informal chronicles that recount the often unexpected lessons that present themselves when engaging local communities and other marginalized areas.
  • Promoting the marginalized voices of Cauca through public art projects that feature those living amidst conflict and the wider challenges they face. Building from the existing frustration routinely demonstrated by graffiti and murals on the streets of Cauca, these art projects alternatively place a complementary emphasis on the inherent strength of local communities to resist such challenges. This includes Celebrating Cauca.
  • Mapping Cauca – both technically and artistically – to crowdsource local insights to highlight the complex reality of contested communities, as well as analyzing both stakeholders and conflict within Cauca.
  • Augmenting the marginalized voices of Cauca by partnering with local community leaders and supporting their efforts to reach a wider external audience.